Monday, September 22, 2008

"Pears,Pears,and more Pears"

Jars of sweet pickles,pears,salsa,and plum-peach jam.
Joey brought home these buckets Friday full of pears for us to can and put up. I had mentioned I would like some pears to have for cooking. Thinking a small grocery bag. Well ,I was quite surprised when he brought home such a large amount . So this weekend we spent time canning pears to put up in the pantry. This summer we have canned a few things so it will be nice to be able to eat fresh all year.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


With Ike hitting Texas today and the threat of the damage to the nations oil refineries. Here in the gulf coast state of Alabama the Governor has declared a state of emergency over gas and price gouging. Yesterday , morning I filled my car up and paid 3.67 a gallon an hour later gas had gone up to 4.00 a gallon .Then by the time I picked up the kid from school gas stations were either out of gas or had limits on the amounts of gallons people could get. People were going crazy getting gas yesterday the kids said kids were living school early to go get gas and the lines at the pumps were crazy long . The stations that did have gas the price was anywhere from 4.50 a gallon to 5.35 a gallon and the crazy thing people where lined up paying that price.Today the stations without gas is unbelievable and when they are able to restock gas will continue to be over 4.00 a gallon . I never thought 3.67 a gallon looked so good.

Jon's First Night in Marching Band!

These are pictures of Jon' s first football game playing with the High School Band . They are marching off the field after the game was over. I also took pictures of Sylvi that night put it was raining and the pictures did not come out . The hats they are wearing they have a big black ploom that goes on it but because of the rain they did not wear it. Maybe next time the weather and the pictures will be better.