Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Sylvi and Jon dressed and ready for this years Band Banquet! It is a semi-formal to formal event. And it is something they look forward to every year. This year was Jon's first time going and he was so excited to get to dress up! They had a great time and Sylvi even won the musician award for the 10th grade! (This was voted on by all the band members) So she was excited as well. They looked so pretty and handsome that I had to take lots of pictures after all if any of you have teens you know it is not every day you can get a picture of them much less dressed up! my babes are growing up fast!
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"SWEET 16"

Sylvi turned 16 on Monday . It is so hard to believe it seems like yesterday we were celebrating her 1st birthday. Time really does fly bye in a moment. We had a family celebration on monday all thought as you can see even though school is only 4day left she had homework and test to study for.(Chemistry,and Algebra 2 what for no one!) I think the Birthday presents help to ease the pain. Of course Cake and Ice cream did not hurt!

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Friday, May 15, 2009


Sylvi Took These Pictures Of Apple The Horse At My Mother's . The Horse Pasture Runs Up To Her Back Yard And Apple Will Come When You Call Her Up To The Fence. I Thought She Did A Great Job At Getting These Pictures.
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Our Visit

During Our Spring Break Visit To South Carolina We Were Able To Visit My Aunt Sybil And See Her Beautiful Home On The Lake.Above Are Picuture I was Able To Take Of Sylvi, And Jon With Their Great Aunt. And I Was Also Able To Get A Shot Of My Mother With Her Twin Sister.
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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Marley, Annabell, and Ashley sit and wait for a treat.(Well almost Ashley)
Marley is 4 months old and growing to quick ! She is already almost the size of Bell .
How about a smile for a treat!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


Sylviann was inducted into The Senior National Honor Society this week this picture was taken after the ceremony I was not able to get Jon's picture but took it that morning at home. He also was inducted into the J.R.(see below).This is Sylviann's 4Th year in Honor society. Her first in Senior. I hope I will be able to take more pictures at awards day they are both receiving awards.
Jon was inducted into the J.R. National Honor Society this week and this is a quick picture of him before we went to the ceremony! He will be getting the certificate at the awards day so I hope I will be able to get pictures of that at school.