Thursday, August 28, 2008


OK, I can no longer sit quietly by and watch this junk infest my home and not say anything. And, I know some of you are thinking just turn off the TV, but it is on the radio, in the paper, on the computer, on billboards, and signs on streets. I can not take anymore of the lies, the pandering, the sidestepping, the under experience. I MEAN DO YOU RALLY THINK THAT MIDDLE AMERICAN MIDDLE CLASS IS THAT STUPID! And what's with the over the top Hollywood shows that need to be in Vegas come on what are you running for President or King of Spamalot. We are facing real issue in America and We need some one who can fix those issues. And I am afraid people are only looking at the historical aspect view of this race. Not the true issues at hand. And come on why don't people give Conda Lisa Rice her do's! After all she is the first African-American woman to be Secretary of State. Isn't there historical value in that! Well, I can only say that think goodness that to night is the last night of this junk on TV...That is until next weeks coverage of the other side...

Monday, August 25, 2008


As you all know my husband is a die hard Clemson fan. So I thought that since the first game of the season is this Saturday and they play of all teams "Alabama". I would post some photos He took from a Clemson game He attended last fall. So Joey this is for you and all the other Tiger fans out there ! "GO TIGERS" "BEAT THE TIDE"

"Jon at Clemson "

"The Running of the Hill"

Saturday, August 23, 2008

"Pictures from 50th Wedding Anniversary "

Joey's parents Neal and Pat 's 50th Wedding Anniversary ..


ME AND HUBBY .... After A Day Of Site Seeing in 100 degree heat ..

Friday, August 22, 2008

More Aquarium picutres

These are more pictures.....

Aquaruim Animals

" Sea turtle"

These were somethings the Aquarium had to see other than fish... this is a butterfly I don't know the exact name ..

Lookin at Life Through a Fish bowl

Jon in the fish bowl at the aquarium.

TN Aquarium

This July We took the kids and the Grand parents to the T.N. aquarium in Chattanooga.

Friday, August 8, 2008


Man, were have the last two weeks gone. It has been so crazy busy here. Finally, the In-laws 50th Anniversary party is over and done with.That was like an insane 4 day trip. While we were there Kevin(Jone's brother in-law) had to have some type of out-patient angioplasties done on his heart; due to problems he has been having from his double lung transplant. He is doing well and was able to to attended the party it was just all a very hectic time. We got home just in time to attended open house for Jon's school. And do all the Back to School shopping that had to be done this week before the first day of school which is TODAY. That's right to day is the first day of school here and JON was so nervous about starting high school (so was mom).Sylvi's in 10th grade this year (this will be her 4 year at this school ); High School here is 7th thru 12th grade. Sylvi also got her driving permit this week so watch out on the highway...Have been trying to keep my composer all week and not brake down my baby's are growning up and on top of everything else I received a visit from a little something called menopause." Damn, Just Got to love live!"