Monday, November 17, 2008

" Crazy November"

It has been so crazy the past 2 weeks at our home. The first week in November was fall break for the kids. They had the week off from school, and it was a full week, first with eye appointments for Jon and myself. Then on Tuesday ,the election which I think Jones is still having a hard time coming to grips with. That Thursday for Jon's 13th birthday we took him and a friend to Nashville to eat at the Rain Forest Cafe and Friday was football the school's team is in the play-offs so band is still a constant for the kids on Fridays. Then this past week I got sick with a respiratory virus and have been in the bed for 4 days. The kids only had a four day week of school last week because of veterans day. So, they are loving the month of November;.Because next week they only go to school 2 days and then they are out for Thanksgiving. Which means they have only attended school 11 days this month. Hopefully, the rest of the month will be not as heck-tic .